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Pre-Travel Checklist: 8 Items to Check Before Hauling your Horse

Before you take your precious cargo down the road, make sure both truck and trailer are in good working order.  Here is a Pre-Travel Checklist before you leave for your trip:

  • Check truck and trailer lights (brake lights, turn signals, headlights and marker lights).
  • Make sure tires are in good condition and are properly inflated. Check for dry-rot.
  • Make sure hitch is locked on ball and safety chains/cables are connected.
  • Test brake controller.
  • Bring a spare tire for both the truck and trailer, check they are properly inflated.
  • Check for any sharp edges inside trailer before loading your horse.
  • Before pulling out, make sure all doors are closed and secured.
  • Obtain an Equestrian Roadside Assistance membership, such as USRider. Having this type of membership will ensure your horses will be cared for if needed, as well as your truck and trailer.
Pre-Travel Checklist
Author: Dianne