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By: Don Newcomer

– How to Read Trail Blazes while on the Trail – 

The image to the right is the modern standards for reading blazes on a trail. The color of the blaze determines which trail you are on or it’s permitted use. For instance the Appalachian trail is blazed white and the Horse-Shoe Trail is Blazed yellow. Where it could get confusing is that PA DCNR (state parks and forests) blaze all multi use trails red and hiking only trails orange so that if there are intersecting trails it could get confusing. (Always have a good map. When I venture into the big woods I like a printed map for the big picture and my GPS to pinpoint exactly where I am.) Blazes are usually on trees however in the absence of trees they may be found on rocks or posts. Some old school blazers still use a double slanted blaze to show the direction of travel and three vertical blazes to show start and end of trail Check your map sets for more information as most major trail systems have designated blaze colors for spur trails leading to a parking area, spring or camping area. Happy Trails Don Newcomer

blaze markings
Author: Dianne