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Pre-Travel Checklist: 8 Items to Check Before Hauling your Horse

Pre-Travel Checklist

Pre-Travel Checklist: 8 Items to Check Before Hauling your Horse Before you take your precious cargo down the road, make sure both truck and trailer are in good working order.  Here is a Pre-Travel Checklist before you leave for your trip: Check truck and trailer lights (brake lights, turn signals, headlights and marker lights). Make […]

How To Read Trail Blazes

trail blazes

By: Don Newcomer – How to Read Trail Blazes while on the Trail –  The image to the right is the modern standards for reading blazes on a trail. The color of the blaze determines which trail you are on or it’s permitted use. For instance the Appalachian trail is blazed white and the Horse-Shoe […]

Horse Health Record Form

Vet Examining Horse

This Horse Health Record form will help keep your vet, farrier, dentist and deworming schedules organized. Whether you manage a few horses or a herd of horses, this form is for you! You can record one years worth of records on one sheet for each horse.  I use this form, slide the sheet into a […]

Hit the Trails Prepared

Otter Creek Horse Trail

To help you hit the trail prepared, here is a list of saddlebag items that will handle most minor circumstances.   Deciding what you pack in your saddlebag is a matter of personal preference & necessity, the items listed here is what I consider essential good to have with you on the trail. You want to […]